If you plan to sell your luxury home or high-end property there are some keys to marketing this type of real estate. While it is much the same as any other traditional sale, there are some nuances that make luxury home selling and buying slightly different. Here are five keys on how to market and sell a luxury home along scenic 30A or anywhere, really.

How to Market and Sell a Luxury Home

#1. Try not to use “undisclosed location”.

Many luxury homeowners prefer not to have their address mentioned in an MLS listing or marketed online, but if you want the most eyes on your property, having the location shown or the general area or community mentioned gives people an idea of where the home is, its relation to other communities, and its close proximity to homes, schools or modern conveniences. Not all luxury homeowners have the “celebrity status” that really require an undisclosed address on MLS listings.

#2. Don’t skimp on quality photos.

Your luxury real estate agent should hire a professional photographer to take excellent photos of the property at different times of the day and in a different light. You certainly want quality over quantity and because over 90% of home buyers to begin their search online, those photographs of your home must be worth 1 million words, not just the thousand. It truly pays to pay for good photos of your listing.

#3. Emphasize unique features.

If the home is in a country club that offers unique amenities and features make sure that you mention these in the listing. Do homeowners have access to a variety of perks for living in the community? Make sure that all buyers understand what type of status, location, and amenities they receive when purchasing this home. Does the home itself have unique features such as a wine cellar, theater room, master suite or library? Emphasize the uniqueness of the home and why someone would want to pay top dollar for this property.

#4. Additional marketing.

As with any traditional sale, good marketing is key but with luxury home listings, additional marketing is vital. Not only should your real estate agent provide print advertising and direct mailing but the Internet, search engine optimization, social media and exposure of the photographs are crucial to getting a wide range of homebuyers interested in the property. A good real estate agent will also market to potential luxury buyers agents so that the right luxury home buyer is matched with the property.

#5. Pricing it correctly.

Pricing a luxury home is a little bit different if there’s not a lot of comparable properties nearby. Paying for an appraisal ahead of time might be key to pricing it correctly and getting the right market value. Knowing every amenity a luxury home provides is crucial when determining the price and comparing it to other luxury homes. This takes the knowledge and experience of a qualified and dedicated luxury real estate broker.

For more information on selling your luxury home along 30A Hwy, please contact me at any time. We can run over some numbers, offer suggestions on marketing and listing your home and determine the best approach for selling your luxury home.