Most people start their search for real estate online. It’s estimated that nearly 85% of homebuyers will begin their search online first before looking at homes in person, in print, or talking about it by word-of-mouth.
Finding a beautiful beach home along 30 A is not only fun to do online, but even more fun to do in person. If you’re looking for a beach home you want to property that is had an inspection, is not subject to corrosion or even erosion from the local elements, and it provides everything you want in a beachfront home.

What to Look for in a Beach Home

Think about the neighborhoods, community, amenities, and modern conveniences that you need. Do you prefer to walk to the local grocery store, diner or market Russian Mark you want something that’s right on the beach or little farther back, protecting your home from beach erosion? All up and down 30 A are small communities, beach villages, and neighborhoods that are ideal for beachfront buyers.

Prices range anywhere from $200,000 to over $800,000. There are more expensive villages than others and you need to determine your price range, what you’re looking for, and the neighborhood in which you want to buy.

Talk to a real estate agent that is proficient in beachfront properties. Start your online search by looking through images, video tours, and tours of the neighborhood. There are many drone videos all along the beach they give you a good idea of the layout and setup. Do you want to secure, gated entrance, do you prefer to be quiet, and all to yourself, do you prefer a townhome or condominium within a larger community?

Take a look at all of the pictures. Sellers do their best to showcase the home in all its fine glory. Many homes will show you a picture of the view instead of the front of the house because the view is really impressive.

And remember, anytime you want it up close and personal look at a home contact our office today. We specialize in properties all up and down Highway 30 A so call us today if you’re ready to get started looking at homes both online and in person.